Three Things; Monday Lunch – DIY Festive Candelabra

Brussel Sprout Candelabra

On Monday at the Three Things blog we do a Monday Lunch Recipe (which is usually edible). Today we are giving you a recipe for a DIY festive candelabra courtesy of Sue Barnes instead. This is a great DIY project that you can make in half an hour if you have all the things to hand.

Please note that this is a decorative table centrepiece and certainly not a toy, please don’t let children loose near to lit candles or sharp points 🙂

Brussel Sprout Stalk

This is a Brussel Sprout stalk. Sprouts are great as part of your Christmas dinner, but have you ever considered making them into a festive centrepiece? To make a Brussel Sprout candelabra you will need…

* Two Brussel Sprout stalks
* A piece of wood to use as the base (we used three sawn logs but one long piece would be just as good)
* A potato peeler, apple corer or sharp paring knife
* three long nails and a hammer, or, three long screws and a screwdriver

Brussel Sprout Candelabra

Step One: cut one of the stalks into two pieces, one shorter than the other.

Step Two: use a potato peeler/apple corer/pairing knife to hollow out one end of each of the three stalks. This will be the space for your candle so make sure you offer up your candle to the hollow every so often to make sure it is the right size. Your hollow needs to be about an inch (2 1/2cm) deep so the candle will be secure.

Step Three: screw or nail the stalks to your wooden base by siting the nail or screw first from the underside of the wood and then screw or squash the stalk onto the nail or screw – the stalk will go on easily as the centre is softer than the edge, but do take care not to spike yourself.

Step Four: light a candle and hold it carefully at an angle so that wax drips into the hollow at the top of the stalk. When you have a little puddle at the bottom of the hollow quickly slot the candle into the hollow and hold it steady until the wax sets. The candle should then be set nicely into the hollow and not wobble about. Repeat for the other two candles.

Close up of Brussel Sprout Candelabra

Here is a close up of the candelabra, we think that nothing quite sums up Christmas quite like sprouts and this Festive Brussel Sprout Candelabra adds just enough whimsy to the table. If you make your own please do send us a picture and we’ll add it here so that we can share Christmas tables that don’t take themselves too seriously