Three Things; Monday Lunch – Double Baked Chocolate Meringue Brownies

Double baked chocolate meringue brownie

Today is the start of Chocolate Week so we had to try one of the tempting recipes for ourselves for today’s Monday Lunch blog.

Brownie mixture Mmmmm

We chose Eric Lanlard’s Double Baked Chocolate Meringue Brownie to make. You can find the recipe and several more on the recipes page of the chocolate week website. I was initially a little dismayed that the brownie mixture involved an entire pack of butter and no flour or other filler like ground almonds or suchlike. It took such a long time for the sugar to dissolve that I was sure I had missed some vital step out. I would love to say that I persevered but I have to confess that after an age of stirring I declared it to be good enough and added the egg yolks.

Meringue topping smothered on the brownie layer

The meringue I had more success with and this buoyed my confidence for the second return to the oven. By this time the kitchen was smelling fantastic.

Crunchy chocolate meringue gooey brownie

An here it is ready to eat, the top was crunchy then chewy and the base was like a mousse centred brownie. The whole thing was so rich that it may be the first piece of baking ever that I have declined a second slice.

Are you joining in with Chocolate week? What are you making?