Three Things; Monday Lunch – Rocky Road

Rocky Road Mmmmm

We have two fine craftsmen here for another week at Shore Cottage building our new Studio from Swift and everyone knows that fine craftsmen (and the rest of us) need the right fuel to keep them going through the day. So for today’s Monday lunch we present Rocky Road. It should actually be titled Barbara Houghton’s fridge cake, as our recipe sheet handed down from Kris’ Nanny is so titled but we have tweaked it slightly.

To make it you will need:

150g plain chocolate
75g butter
1x 405g tin of condensed milk
50g raisins or sultanas or glacé cherries or a mixture as you fancy, how about nuts?
50g of mini marshmallows
350g roughly crushed biscuits
200g milk chocolate to decorate the top

Melting chocolate and condensed milk

Melt the dark chocolate, butter and tin of condensed milk in a pan over a very gentle heat and stir until oozy (resist the urge to eat the lot with a spoon)

Stirring in biscuits and marshmallows

Take off the heat and allow to cool slightly then stir in the biscuit pieces, marshmallows and whatever fruit and nuts you fancy. (Make sure the oozy mixture is not too hot otherwise your marshmallows will melt in rather than staying in satisfyingly chewy nuggets)

Line a Swiss roll tin (or any shallow dish or baking tray) with tinfoil or grease proof paper and tip the mixture in. Squash it level with the back of a spoon and pop in the fridge to set.

Once set melt the milk chocolate either in a Bain Marie or in the microwave and spread across the top of the slab. Return it to the fridge to chill again.

Rocky Road

Barbara Houghton, she of the original recipe, suggests cutting into quite small cubes because it is very rich, we at Shore Cottage Studio serve it in hearty slabs with hot tea.