Three Things; Monday Lunch Spanish Hot Chocolate

Spanish Hot Chocolate

A late blog tonight as we have been visiting relatives and fitting in a sneaky Ikea visit, so before bed we bring you Spanish hot chocolate.

Spanish Hot Chocolate

This lovely tin comes from the Spanish Chocolate Company (based in Leicester) we sourced ours in Aldi the other week but have not tasted it yet…

Lots of hot chocolate powder

Spanish style hot chocolate is very rich and thick and served in smaller portions than other types so is ideal served in the most pretentious tea cups you can find. You need a good three to four heaped teaspoons of powder per teacup.

Thick hot chocolate

The milk must be at almost boiling point otherwise the chocolate won’t thicken. (This is the point when the milk is steaming and you get a little light frothing on the surface and you are certain that if you leave it a second longer the whole thing will burn.) Then you tip the steaming milk onto the powder and stir frantically until the powder dissolves. And then you will have the most delicious almost custard texture hot chocolate which will form a skin* if left to cool slightly.

We have always referred to this top layer of solid ish hot milk as a ‘skin’ but we have recently discovered a new phrase that a friend from the North East uses, she calls it a ‘blanket’ which we think sounds much nicer.