Three Things; Monday Lunch – Spiced Mulled Juice

Spiced Mulled Juice Recipe

Monday Lunch today is a recipe for Spiced Mulled Juice. This is a festive, warming, great smelling alternative to mulled wine for drivers, children and everyone else who prefers not to drink alcohol.

Ingredients for Spiced Mulled Juice

To make one pan of the mulled juice you will need.

One carton of red grape juice
One carton of apple juice
A handful of cardamom pods
Several cinnamon sticks
An apple generously studded with cloves
A packet of crystallised ginger
Brown sugar to taste

Prepared ingredients for spiced mulled juice

* Slice the crystallised ginger into thin-ish slices
* Slice the clove studded apple into wedges
* Snap the cinnamon sticks in two
* Pop all the ingredients into a large pan except for the brown sugar
* Stir with a wooden spoon and place on a low heat to bring to a low simmer
* Once the apple has softened and your entire house smells festive to bursting the juice is ready
* The brown sugar is totally unnecessary but totally delicious and can give a cough-mixture-like stickiness to the whole thing so add a little at a time until you like the taste.

Spiced Mulled Juice

Serve in mis-matched glass receptacles making sure you scoop up some of the crystallised ginger into each glass as it will have sunk to the bottom.

This is great to make in the early afternoon for an evening party so the whole house smells Devine and the flavours have time to develop. Of course you could replace the apple juice with cider or the grape juice with red wine (not both though as surely that would be lethal?) but we like that the clove studded apples floating around in the spiced juice differentiate it as the non-alcoholic drink, as opposed to the traditional mulled wine with the clove studded orange.

If you add in several apples (and can be bothered to de clove them once the juice is gone) you can make a wonderful festive spiced apple and ginger crumble the next day or serve with yoghurt and granola for a festive breakfast. Mmmmmmmmm