Three Things; reflections, knit-inspiration and hair birds!

Reflections, knit-inspiration and hair birds



Today Kris found a wreck of a boat at low tide which had been left filled with water. He caught this beautiful reflection photograph before the water drained away.


A wrecked boat filled with water at low tide


Sue is starting to hand knit a throw for our battered but comfy leather sofas which will have pride of place in front of the huge picture window overlooking the tidal estuary of the River Dee. She experiments here with colour combinations using loosely knotted wool.

Knit inspiration for a hand knitted throw


Laura has been needlefelting hair ornaments – out of her own hair! Visit Laura’s blog post on how to make your own and see some pictures of the hair bird mark two with fancy tail feathers.

Hair bird hair ornament made from human hair