Three Things; Saturday Likes – Autumn Afternoons

We love Autumn Afternoons

Saturday’s theme for the Three Things blog is Likes. This week we like Autumn Afternoons, take a look at the fun things we did this afternoon. (All captured on a camera phone.)

DIY safari

We took the family to a local beauty spot a nature reserve, Thurstaston Common. We stopped to photograph this DIY safari, it is not often you see these species together in the wild so we were very fortunate to capture this rare image.

Splashing in autumn puddles

The smallest member of the Shore Cottage Studio team delighted in splashing in every single puddle all afternoon – and why not! It is great fun and well worth rediscovering if you haven’t splashed for a while.

Picnicking in style

We stopped after a good hour of splashing and safari-ing to refuel in style. We picnicked like kings on the very top of Thor’s Rock, a huge chunk of sandstone in the centre of Thurstaston Common. We all managed to scramble to the top, even Small with her wellies on the wrong feet. The sum total of our ‘high tea’ (pun very much intended, sorry) was a lot of donuts and a bottle of water. Delicious.

What simple autumnal pleasures are you enjoying this weekend?