Three Things; Saturday Likes – Lady Lever Art Gallery

Lady Lever Art Gallery

Our Likes this week all come from the Lady Lever Art Gallery in Port Sunlight on The Wirral.

Main Gallery Lady Lever Art Gallery

The Lady Lever Gallery is a bit of a gem, it houses a wide ranging collection brought together by Lord Lever for his wife. There are celebrated works including Pre-Raphaelite masterpieces, wonderful sculptures and even Napoleonic memorabilia including two death masks. You can find out about the highlights of their collection here.

Weathered Column Lady Lever Gallery

Our day began slightly before the gallery was open, so eager were we to get inside. As such we spent a little time musing on the magnificent architecture of the building. This is a detail of a weathered column, a beautiful sculpture in itself. We were pleased to note that the gallery and all the staff we encountered were more than happy to welcome us as the extended family that we are at Shore Cottage Studio. Indeed they had a number of things for the pre-school team members to do, so a grand day out was had by all.

"Age" by William Goscombe John

Kris was captivated by this particular sculpture by William Goscombe John that is entitled ‘Age’. Never mind the Beguiling of Merlin, Kris was entirely beguiled by the eyes and finish of this wonderful lady. This is a work in plaster that has been afforded a wonderful sheen by being burnished with linseed oil. It was made as a practice piece for a marble version which is currently on dispaly at Amgueddfa Cymru Caerdydd (National Museum of Wales, Cardiff). As a team we actually prefer this rougher (but also softer?!) and somehow more honest version which was intended as a study of the ageing process in general rather than as a portrait of his Mother-in-Law.