Three Things; Saturday Likes – Lapel Brooches

Saturday Likes Lapel Brooches

Look, look – exciting lapel brooches. Lovely!

Butterfly Brooch

This butterfly brooch is from the Chester Zoo gift shop, Kris quite often wears it on a chunky knit jumper, but here it is modelled by Sue. A wonderful everyday sort of a brooch to add a splash of colour and whimsy.

Vintage Brooches

This is part of Sue’s vintage brooch collection, don’t they look stunning clustered on a white tuxedo? Most of Sue’s collection have been sourced for pennies from car boots and charity shops over the years because ‘brooches are just not fashionable anymore’ – Pah to that say the Shore Cottage Studio Team.

Pencil Spectrum Brooch

This last one adorns Laura’s winter coat (itself a charity shop bargain) but this came from a company called ZincWhite which we spotted at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching Show. It is almost worth wishing the summer away to see this again. The brooch is made from recycled Derwent sketching pencils.