Three Things; Shore Cottage Studio Likes – Clocks

Shore Cottage Studio Likes Clocks

We at Shore Cottage Studio like clocks. This is an understatement, from where I am sitting now at the kitchen table I can see eight clocks, one barometer and my wrist watch. We are taking a short rest from laying the new studio reclaimed floor to eat a roast dinner and contemplate a clock (or clocks) for the studio.

Cuckoo Clock

This is a genuine black forest cuckoo clock that Laura and Kris received as a wedding present from some old friends. It has a 12 hour mechanism and a cuckoo with a lovely hoot-y sound from tiny bellows. But it’s best feature is the chime. Alongside the hoot-y cuckoo the hours are announced with a dull tinny clang. The clock came with instructions to remove a sliver of card that was interwoven between the coils of a ‘chime spring’ to produce a pleasing chime. Laura rather liked the dull clang so the sliver of card remains as does the comedy hour chime.

1950s Mantle Clock

This is a wind up 1950s mantle clock from a charity shop that requires winding once a day. It has such a loud tick that on more than one occasion the winding has been overlooked for some peace and quiet. When it is properly wound it does keep excellent time.

Puhllman nixie clock

This is a Puhllman Nixie Clock by Dutch designer Frank Clewits and uses forward facing nixie vacuum tubes to show the time. Laura bought this clock as a treat for herself after getting a promotion in a previous life before Shore Cottage Studio. It serves as a retro looking reminder not to waste a second. We have uploaded a video to our Facebook page so you can see it working, it has a ‘villain from a spy film’ feel to it.

Which clock would you like to see on our studio, or can you suggest an alternative?