Three Things; Shore Cottage Studio Likes Illustrators

Shore Cottage Studio Likes Illustrators, Oliver Jeffers, Perkins and Morley, Mats Gustafson

The Saturday Likes today are illustrators.

Mats Gustafson illustration of Linda Evangelista

Mats Gustafson was born in 1951 and has produced some of the most iconic fashion illustrations that span decades effortlessly. Laura loves his distinctive watercolour style and this illustration of Linda Evangelista for Harper’s Bazaar in 2004 is exquisite in its simplicity; look at the fluid single line forming the mouth, look at the eyes, look at the whole thing! Laura was first drawn to his fashion illustration but has since discovered his animals, his swans and stag’s heads are every bit as lovely as Linda. This summer has seen a limited edition book entitled Watercolors published in a limited edition of 1,250 sequentially numbered copies, one for the wish list.

Jan Morley from J2 Design Studio

Sue has just discovered Devon based illustrator Jan Morley, one half of Perkins and Morley who form the J2 Design Studio. Sue received this ‘Squabble of Seagulls’ card for her recent birthday and will be keeping it on her notice board. She particularly likes how the character of the seagulls has been captured mid squabble. The card is from a series of collective nouns which you can find here.

Oliver Jeffers, Offset 2009

Kris has loved Oliver Jeffers for the longest time. In Oliver’s own words; “Oliver Jeffers makes art” we are focussing on his illustrations here but he also does figurative paintings and installation work. His children’s books were favourite bedtime reads in Kris and Laura’s home long before they had children. Kris particularly likes this illustrated talk Oliver made for Offset 2009 just when he was on the cusp of bigger fame. It is 45 minutes long but so well worth a watch, go on … it is a Bank Holiday settle down for a lie in on Sunday morning with a hot drink some pastries and Oliver Jeffers.