Three Things; Spotlight – 12Photo Challenge Winners

Last week we hosted a 12Photo Challenge and today we are sharing the winning entries with you.

Each entrant collected a camera from the studio along with a list of themes. The challenge was to take an image for each theme, in order, on a disposable film camera. This was certainly very challenging with no way of seeing the images once they were taken and no editing, cropping or deleting. Each shot had to be right first time.

The cameras were then sent away to be developed and yesterday there was a private view of all the entries and the winners were announced. The images produced were brilliant considering the limitations of the camera and the very grey start to the day. We celebrated with tea and home made biscuits in the studio for our entrants.

Click any of the thumbnails below to launch a gallery of larger images.

Each of the photographs above is the winning image for that theme category and each photographer received a certificate of achievement. Our overall winner was Barbara Danson who receives the trophy below, laser cut and etched by Kris.

Number – Joy Osborne
Linear – Dinah Marshall
Three – Dinah Marshall
Decay – Barbara Danson
Red – Barbara Danson
Out of Place – Joy Osborne
Selfie – Joy Osborne
Growth – Soozi Danson
Man Made – Anna Boekweit
Reflections – Anna Boekweit
Contrasts – Helen Danson
Looking Up – Barbara Danson

winner's trophy for Feb 2015 12Photo challenge

We will be running a similar photo challenge later in the year hopefully on a warmer, sunnier day if you wish to challenge Barbara for her crown and receive your own trophy.