Three Things; Spotlight – Creative Laser Cutting Course May

Creative Laser Cutting 08/05/2014

This week Kris had a Creative Laser Cutting course with Kirsty, who had no prior experience with laser cutting and initially wasn’t sure what she would make. After a quick run through on the machine and a hunt round our studio, was immediately inspired to etch into sandstone. Etching into stone is certainly very popular with our course participants!

Kirsty’s home and garden features a large amount of local sandstone, and she began learning her way around the technology by performing some simple cuts, before venturing out onto the beach to find some smooth pieces of sandstone to etch into.

Sandstone pieces ready for laser etching at Shore Cottage Studio

We came back with a range of pieces, rough and smooth, large and small. The nature of sandstone means that many of the pieces weren’t flat, but this isn’t a problem – we were able to set them into the cutter with supports to ensure even etching.

Custom etched sandstone block

Kirsty etched some names into pieces of sandstone, then moved onto some jpg illustrations by Australian artist Micheal Leunig that she’d brought along. We did some small test pieces into plywood before gently etching into some leaves and then producing two larger pieces in birch plywood.

Kirsty brushes off her laser etched sandstone

“I’ve loved every minute of it! …would so love to come back.”

You can read Kirsty’s full comments and also others on the Testimonials page. To check availability of the workshops and book a course click on the Creative Laser Cutting page.

Below is a gallery of photographs taken on the course. Click on an image to launch a slideshow with captions. To move to the next image click on the right hand side of the image, and to go back to the previous picture click on the left hand side. Double clicking will allow you to see a particular image full size. You can also pin to Pinterest direct from the slideshow. Enjoy!


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