Three Things; Spotlight – Creative Photography

Creative photography course

We welcomed Ray back to the studio for a second photography course with us, almost a year after his first visit. Ray’s first course here at Shore Cottage Studio was featured in Coast Magazine too!

In a one to one session with Laura, Ray got creative with his shots.

Launch the gallery below to see some of the great images Ray created.

We explored using depth of field to make more interesting images both inside the studio and along the coast.

Ray altered his exposure times to make the stormy sea freeze in time or flow softly in rolling waves.

We even ventured into the bird hide to try out Ray’s new long lens to great effect

At the end of day one we captured the sunset in creative ways including reflections at low tide and a long exposure shot moving the camera to create a painterly effect.

Ray was delighted with his images and his time in the studio in his own words… “Thank you so much for fitting me in this weekend. It was so informative and rewarding. You are a natural and a pleasure to be with.”