Three Things; Spotlight – Driftwood Christmas Tree Workshop

Driftwood Christmas Trees Workshop

Today we held the first of our Christmas Craft Workshops. We had Emma, Sophie and Liz in the studio getting festive and creative!

Mince pies and cafetiere

We began with hot drinks to warm us through and it wouldn’t be a festive workshop without mince pies.

Chocolate cake

There was also cake. (There is always cake)

Christmas craft materials

Our guests found a selection of belts, driftwood pieces in all sizes, shells, buttons and Kris’ laser cut stars in wood and acrylic. Chunky raffia, embroidery threads and even coloured wire were also available to decorate the trees.

Sophie makes her tree

Here is Sophie trying out different decorations before glueing them down.

Sophie's finished driftwood Christmas tree

Here is Sophie’s finished tree with beautiful natural neutral toned decorations. Sophie claims not to be artistic at all, we disagree!

Liz makes a star

Here is Liz combining a laser cut wooden star with a silver mirrored acrylic one to make a stunning decoration for the top of her driftwood Christmas Tree.

Liz's finished driftwood Christmas tree

Liz’s finished tree is utterly lovely. She was so proud of herself for eschewing her natural love of symmetry and order by including the two off centre fish! We’re proud of you too Liz.

Emma makes a star

Emma chose a thin pointy wooden star and decided to embellish it with a variety of yellow buttons. Luckily Sue’s expansive button collection was on hand, pre-sorted into colour groups.

Emma's finished driftwood Christmas tree

Here is Emma’s finished tree, the patterned belt looks especially good. Emma carefully lined the star up on her tree so that the central hole frames a circular motif stamped into the belt.

Driftwood Christmas tree workshop

And here are all three side by side in the studio, don’t they look great?

If you make your own driftwood tree why not post us a pic on our Facebook page, we’d love to see them.

If you would like to escape to our beachside haven of crafty loveliness why not join us next Monday for a make your own angel/fairy tree topper with vintage dolls and fabric? Or perhaps next Friday for a linocut printed gift wrap and tags workshop. All Christmas Craft Workshops are £25 and run from 10am until 12noon.