Three Things; Spotlight – Explore Design Stitch November

This weekend Sue hosted an Explore, Design, Stitch course in the studio, with Anne and Celia. Both of them had attended one of our photography courses earlier in the year, and enjoyed themselves so much they came back to do a stitch course!

Explore Design Stitch Course with Sue Barnes

Both ladies grew in confidence over the weekend and were more than pleased with their finished pieces. Vowing to keep up the good work once home, they both were brimming with ideas for personal projects – not to mention home made Christmas present ideas!

What did they have to say about their visit this time?

Anne wrote in our guest book… “I was a bit nervous of not being ‘imaginative’ or ‘artistic’ enough, but I’ve had a great time, made loads of beautifully dyed fabric, played with paint and made three interesting pieces. Thank you for the weekend of fun.”

Celia writes… “Previous sewing skills put aside – it was time to use my imagination and set myself free from former constraints of following ‘a pattern’. Most enjoyable and inspiring weekend with delightful company and surroundings. Surprised myself at how much could be achieved. Thank you Sue and Laura.

Click on any of the thumbnail images to launch a gallery of large pictures. Look at the sheer volume of work produced, we had to edit down from the oceans of images we took over the weekend.


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