Three Things ; Spotlight – Fused Glass March 2015

fused glass workshop at Shore Cottage Studio

Over the weekend Kris and Laura hosted creative courses, Laura a fused glass and Kris a laser cutting one. Today we spotlight Laura’s fused glass course and next week we will cover Kris Laser course.

Hilary and Lindsay had never tried fused glass before and both picked up the basic techniques very quickly. They worked well together sparking ideas back and forth inspired by their surroundings and each other.

The pair were so inspired they took tea breaks at the bench and made full use of every moment of studio time. Consequently they left with piles and piles of beautiful fused glass a small sample of which is shown in the gallery below. If you click on any of the thumbnails a slideshow will launch.

“Fantastic! I have had a wonderful time and enjoyed the course very much. I shall be back!” Hilary, Irby

Fantastic course – had a wonderful two days playing with the fused glass.” Lindsay, Wallasey

To check availability of the workshops and book a course click on the Miniature Fused Glass Seascapes page.

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