Three Things; Spotlight – Fused Glass summer 2014

Fused glass August 2014

Spotlight on our fused glass course today. A very productive two days with Nett in the studio at the start of August. Nett arrived with loads of ideas and a wonderful willingness to experiment.

Taking inspiration from nature Nett formed a fused glass fir cone with differing shades of brown.

Together we experimented with feathers in fused glass for the first time. Covering real feathers in powder frit produced almost ghostly pieces with white ashy feather shapes encapsulated in smooth glass. Utterly bewitching and lovely to turn over and over in your hand.

A Mexican inspired Day of the Dead skull was made as a present for an enthusiast. We were particularly pleased with the use of millefiori as the eyes.

Nett then arranged eggshell thin glass shapes into a lighthouse which she framed in a simple white mount to let the piece speak for itself.

She also composed swooping birds in flight from glass shapes in shades of green. They were combined with watery blue waves made with fine glass frit fused to elongated rectangles mounted on a driftwood background.

But did she enjoy herself? In her own words… “Thank you for a brilliant couple of days. I had so much fun and you are a really inspirational teacher. You gave me the confidence to experiment and created an environment in which I felt pleased with my own ideas and very happy with the results.” You can read all of Nett’s comments here on our testimonials page.


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