Three Things; Spotlight – Laser Cut Acrylic Jewellery


This week marks our very first teenage friendly creative laser cutting course. We had Poppy in our studio for 2 days, and after a quick look round our studio (and of course, some drinks and flapjack to start the day) she got straight into it. Poppy was impressed with our Minifelts commission and bird cameos, so set about making her own silhouette badges and some ‘name necklaces’.


Poppy retrieves her cut pieces from the laser cutter


Here, Poppy loads some red acrylic into the cutter to make a ‘name necklace’ as a gift for a family member. Poppy quickly learned the controls for the laser cutter and was happy to set her own designs running. Poppy designed bright, bold jewellery pieces and has been the first person to use our mirrored silver and gold acrylic; check out the Lily name necklace and stag cameo in the gallery!


Poppy's custom made laser etched earrings


One of the images Poppy brought with her to work from was this one of Banksy’s famous piece ‘Girl With Balloon’, which she laser etched into a single sheet of plywood. We left the wood as it was, to allow it to be framed or mounted at a later date, as soon as Poppy had decided what she preferred!

She then shrunk the same image down to only a few centimetres wide, and made herself some unique earrings. By making a small magnetic mount and locking the earrings in position, we were able to flip them over and repeat the process to etch both sides.



Poppy's selection of custom made jewellery.


Poppy made a number of name necklaces for herself and friends, using a variety of coloured acrylic. Using pliers and jump rings she was able to connect some chunky silver plated chain to each side to make totally unique custom pieces.


Inspirational beauty quote laser cut into high quality exotic paper.

On Day 2, as Poppy was confident in using the machine, so Kris left her to it and spent some time working with a quote that Poppy had brought with her. Kris took Poppy through the wide range of fonts available (more than she ever imagined there could be!) and after choosing the right words and layout, Poppy made some more jewellery pieces while Kris set to work on adding decorative struts and motifs to keep the final piece structurally sound, whilst keeping a delicate look. The paper is made using rhino poo (yes really!) from the exotic paper company. It has a beautiful texture and laser etches with a very clean non-sooty edge. We decided it would be shown off best in a box frame with a mount. The laser cut paper casting shadows onto the inside of the box frame emphasising the lace-like quality.


Kris and Poppy posing with some finished creations outside the studio


Here we see some of Poppy’s jewellery creations and her etched Banksy piece – this was the second day of the course and you can see she is already proudly wearing her earrings!

Poppy really enjoyed herself and wrote in our guest book “Thank you so much Kris and Laura for such an amazing two days. I really enjoyed the course and had such fun. The best thing I have ever done!…” You can read more from Pops on our Testimonials page.

Click through the gallery of images below to see more, and you can pin to Pinterest directly from the gallery.


If you want to commission a laser cut paper piece, or a name necklace of your own, why not get in touch? Or come on a Creative Laser Cutting Course and spend some time making them yourself?

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