Three Things; Spotlight – Miniature Fused Glass Seascapes

Miniature fused glass seascape course

The spotlight is shining on our Miniature Fused Glass Seascape course today on the Three Things Blog. This two day course runs from Shore Cottage Studio and is led by Laura Heath. Laura is a mixed media artist and uses fused glass elements in her own artwork. The course is designed in a fun hands on experimental style allowing complete beginners and those with some experience to create unique and beautiful objects.

Day one starts with an informal introduction to the equipment and techniques along with tea and cakes. We use ‘Hot Pot’ microwave kilns on the course as they give results in a matter of minutes rather than traditional kilns which are left over night. This allows a less constrained creative atmosphere and encourages experimentation when the opportunity to try again is only half an hour away. After the initial talk including safety elements you are encouraged to explore the beach, taking notes and sketches in a small sketchbook (provided) and or taking photographs of things that inspire you. You may wish to gather sea glass or driftwood to inspire you or to display with your finished pieces. One person may be interested in shells and pebbles, the next may be wowed by the expanse of sea and sky – each response will be different and so each piece produced will be unique.

Sunset using glass frit before fusing

In the studio you will be shown several different methods of creating images using fused glass. Here fine glass fragments, called frit, are arranged on a glass background. The frit can be manipulated with many different implements including mounted needles, paintbrushes, small spatulas and so on, you will soon find which ones you are most comfortable with. This sunset inspired piece is destined to become a tiny piece of wall art, mounted on driftwood once it has fused and the colours melted dreamily together.

Fused glass yacht brooch

This brooch has been made using glass ‘confetti’ these small irregular shapes are thinner than eggshell and a great way to get a bold graphic look. They also work well for more abstract designs and the translucent thin layers create different shades and textures when laid in an overlapping fashion before fusing.

Fused glass seaside inspired jewellery

You may well want to turn your miniature seascapes into jewellery and we have a stock of basic findings including sterling silver ear wires for drop earrings. The sizes of pieces you can produce are ideally suited to jewellery making and you will have time enough to make several pieces over the two days.

To check availability of the workshops and book a course click on the Miniature Fused Glass Seascapes course page.

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