Three Things; Spotlight – Weather Challenge Update

Weather Challenge update

On Friday we set a challenge to capture the weather in whatever creative form you fancied. Here are our three responses, we’d love to see yours!

Kris made a Theo Jansen Strandbeest with a kit from Grand Illusions that he received for Christmas. Here it is on its maiden voyage on the beach at Thurstaston. We are in love with the ‘footprint’ pattern it makes – and just listen to that wind!

She's blue sky

Sue noted that although the weather was very windy indeed, if she pointed her camera straight up then there was a patch of bright blue sky. So this image with a fast shutter speed could have been taken on a still summer’s day – but we know differently.

Laura's Self Portrait with fish

This image Laura has titled ‘Self Portrait with Fish’! Laura has long hair that likes to blow in front of the lens in windy weather so she usually ties it back in a safe plait. This weekend Laura’s loose hair is an indicator of the wind, blowing into shot and making the image a self portrait, of sorts.

we’d love to see how you have responded to the weather this week. Do post us a pic on our Facebook wall, tweet us a pic on Twitter, or email us a pic by clicking here. We’d love to see you wind inspired watercolour, poem, pen and ink work or camera phone snap. Do share yours and we’ll add it here to the blog.