Three Things; Spotted – Autumn Fungi

Autumn Fungi

Today we spotted different types of fungi.

Orange red mushroom amongst fallen leaves

This looks like a classic fairy tale toadstool, there could almost be some sort of gnome sitting on top of it with a fishing rod. Laura photographed it on Thurstaston Common whilst out capturing fern fronds for some of her fused glass work. You could hardly walk past this fine fellow and not photograph it. Once she had spotted one mushroom they seemed to be everywhere.

Tall skinny mushrooms in vivid green grass

These tall skinny looking chaps would perhaps be home to a more malevolent type of creature, possibly an imp? They were growing on the ‘Lawn’ at Shore Cottage and photographing them proved to be more difficult than first anticipated. Not because of the setting sun, which was indeed fading fast, but rather because of the photographer’s assistant. The assistant was Spike, Shore Cottage’s old big black cat, he decided that as Laura was curled up on the floor with her knees and elbows in the mud that this was a classic playing with cat stance. Spike then happily joined in the photography game by purring madly and head butting the camera which was not conducive to the perfect shot.

Flat brown mushroom growing on the sand

The final shot today was out on the beach, this flat unassuming specimen was found on the tideline growing between the tall grasses. We haven’t seen mushrooms on the sand before, but perhaps we weren’t looking closely enough and they have been growing there for years? I suspect that the hidden and plain nature of this mushroom may mean that it is home to the most exquisite decorative fairy with very ornate wings.

Have you spotted any supernatural habitats out and about?