Three Things; Spotted – Malcolm Eleen Faux Taxidermy

Spotted, Malcolm Eleen Faux Taxidermy

Today we went to the World Museum in Liverpool with the younger members of the Shore Cottage Studio team safe in the knowledge that we would spot something exciting – we weren’t disappointed.

Faux Taxidermy Bird Specimen

We spotted Malcolm Eleen and his faux taxidermy. Malcolm himself was there with a large display of his insects, birds and animals that he designs, makes and then displays exactly as a taxidermy specimen would be displayed. This first piece is very much in the style of a natural history specimen bird that you would find pinned to a board in a museum.

Larger Faux Taxidermy Bird Specimen

This bird is more like a naturalistic taxidermy specimen in its pose. Malcolm chatted with us for a good while about his making process and generously allowed us to hold and feel some of his works. We snapped the photographs on a camera phone as we talked.

Rear of bird showing structure of foil, wool and recycled cardboard

Malcolm told us that he couldn’t quite remember how he got into making these wonderful creations, he was simply playing about with bits of paper and card and came up with his first butterfly and went from there. These birds are revealed to be made from a tinfoil skeletons wrapped in wool which is painted by hand. The feathers themselves are made from recycled cereal box card, again hand painted.