Three Things; Spotted – Momentary Art Project, Three Elements Exhibition

Spotted: Momentary Art Project

This week we have been out and about around the Wirral and have Spotted the Momentary Art Project in New Brighton. The M.A.P. was set up “to promote local artists, art of local area and organisations and make a creative and positive use of available empty space”. You can learn more about the project here.

Roy Lewis Stag

This piece caught our eye immediately, it is a gleaming stag by Roy Lewis. Roy makes his pieces from mostly recycled materials including motorcycle parts, his animals are our favourites.

Angie McCormick Blue

Angie McCormick makes amazing pieces, this one is ceramic on a canvas background. It has a lovely depth of colour and a gleaming shine.

Angie McCormick Roaring Forties

This is a piece by Angie entitled Roaring Forties. In her own words; “The collision of oceans lies before before you on these brooding copper skies. They watch as momentary statues of foam and wave form and reform in ever turbulent displays.”

The third artist Fred Biddulph contributed a mural piece which unfortunately we couldn’t get a satisfactory picture of due to the reflections from the window glass. If anyone does have a picture of Fred’s work we could use do please get in touch email

You can catch the exhibition until the end of the month but it may be extended further. Check out the M.A.P blog for details.