Three Things; Spotted – Owls

This week we spotted owls!

This week we spotted owls. Kris went to a talk by Steve Harris from the Wirral Barn Owl Trust and so we the searched out a couple more inspirational owls for you.

Eric the Barn Owl from Wirral Barn Owl Trust

This is Eric, he ably assisted Steve in his talk about Barn Owl conservation much to the delight of the audience. One of the many interesting things that we learnt was that Barn Owls don’t have oiled feathers and so they are not waterproof – They prefer not to hunt in the rain as their bedraggled feathers are not the best for flying and they loose their ability to glide silently.

Owl illustration by John Pusateri

This is an illustration by John Pusateri, found on Colossal. Pusateri did a series of owl illustrations in 2012 using coloured pencils, charcoal and pastels. This flame coloured example is wonderful but check out the link to find more colourful blue and green owls.

Minifelts owl and fox necklace

We finish with some tiny offerings from Minifelts. Eve Barnes makes Minifelts by hand and this pair are a work in progress, she hopes to turn them into jewellery. They are about 3cm by 4cm and are the smallest things Eve has ever sewn.

Do you have any creative owls or owl facts to share?