Three Things; Spotted – The Tide at Thurstaston

Stormy tides at Thurstaston

Thursday is Spotted on the Three Things blog and today we couldn’t help but spot the tide as it almost came up into the garden! Our images today are stills from our new time lapse camera, we have embedded the videos here and you can see and share them from our Facebook site too.

This first video is one from late November, look how far the tide comes in and how flat and mirror like it is. It almost creeps in and out.

Contrast that video with one from today, a high tide with a stormy wind behind it. The tide thunders in and takes no prisoners with the reeds and grasses in front of the cottage that act as a breakwater – without them we may well have been bailing water out of the house with buckets! The studio sits high on its Jackpads so wouldn’t have been bothered in the slightest unless a truly epic flood came!

And to finish how about the mellow sunset from that same late November day to sooth us all before the midnight tide tonight?