Three Things; Spotted – Tweed Dreams

Spotted Tweed Dreams

The weather today seemed very autumnal and the air had a certain crisp country edge to it so we thought of a tweed dreams blog. We went hunting for money no object beautiful tweed and here’s what we found.

Tweed slide case

Kris found this tweed microscope slide case from the 1940s on Etsy he loved the leather handle and the fact that it reminds him of a characterful engineer’s toolbox. It fits 86 slides and Kris likes the combination of the little door and the pull out drawers. It is being sold by a shop called forgottenPLUM who are based in the US but will ship worldwide.

Harris tweed jacket cushion

Sue found this Harris Tweed jacket that had been made into a cosy cushion by Girl with Beads. Girl with Beads specialises in recycling vintage fabrics and fashions by hand. This cushion would look great in our new studio.

Tweed Breeks

Laura found these amazing House of Bruar tweed breeks. This is the epitome of a tweed dream, the jacket, the stockings, the breeks the whole thing. The outfit would probably also require some new brogues. Perhaps one day…