Three Things; Spotted – What Are They?

What are they? Mysterious images?

Today we have spotted three things using our USB Digital Microscope. Can you guess what they are?

Magnified rust

This is a close up of the rust on an axe head we found on Thurstaston shore.

Magnified Feather

This is a close up of a feather collected on a lunchtime stroll on Thurstaston beach.

Magnified Driftwood

This is a lovely textured close up of a piece of driftwood washed up near to Shore Cottage Studio.

Our three things - full scale

Here are the objects full size. We love getting inspiration from looking at things in a new way. Studying the shapes, textures and colours on both the macro and micro scale can give you fresh ideas to work with. For example you wouldn’t necessarily consider rigid lines and geometry to be part and parcel of a soft feather, but here they are.