Three Things; Spotted – Wool Week

Spotted Wool Week

This week is wool week in the UK and to celebrate we spotted three lovely woollen things whilst out and about on a day trip to Chester.

Knitted necklace from Nichols & Co

Laura visited a fantastic lifestyle store called Nichols & Co on Bridge Street Row in Chester. She was temporarily dazzled by the amazing array of jewellery and almost forgot to be looking for wooly wonders! On the top floor she found a brilliant combination of both, a statement piece of knitted natural tubes accented with red and almost Swiss-roll like in their loveliness. Strung on a soft jersey necklace, designed and made by Domville.

Felted soap, soap and wash cloth in one!

Laura found this felted soap in Funky Aardvark Bridge Street Rows East. It acts as a washcloth and soap in one and would brighten up any bathroom which is lacking in wooly colour. The clever thing about this type of soap is that as the block is used the felt shrinks so still stays wrapped tightly around the bar underneath, clever.

Sue Barnes' hand knitted twig lady

When Laura got home from Chester Sue was having a bit of fun positioning this wonderful stick figure amongst the teasels. Sue makes these figures from existing twigs that have the shape of people in action. Sue then hand knits tiny outfits for the twig dancers. This particular woman looks like she is striding purposefully through a blustery October day. I wonder where she is going?