Three Things: Treasury – 12Photo wristbands

12Photo challenge

We are getting excited about our 12Photo Challenge! We have taken delivery of our custom printed entry wristbands. They each have a unique entry number on and are joined together in perforated sheets with peel and stick fastenings – Laura’s stationery senses are in overdrive 🙂

12Photo challenge wristbands

Join us for a creative photography challenge on Saturday the 14th February.

The challenge is to use the disposable camera to take 12 photographs on 12 set themes, in order, on the first 12 shots on the camera. No re-takes, no editing, no live view screen – Are you up to the challenge?

Book your wristband here!

Arrive any time after 10am on Saturday to collect your registration number, single use camera and list of 12 themes and instructions.

There will be trophies for the winners of each of our four categories as chosen by the Shore Cottage Studio Team.

  • Under 16’s – individual entry for an under 16 yr old. All under 16s must have parental (or suitable) consent and adequate supervision on the event day
  • Family / Group – any group of between 2 and 12 individuals with at least one team member being over 16 (all under 16s need parental (or suitable) consent and adequate supervision on the event day) Each team member must participate in the challenge by taking at least one photograph.
  • Over 16 Amateur – individual entry for an over 16 yr old who does not consider themselves to be a professional photographer.
  • Over 16 Professional – individual entry for an over 16 yr old who considers themselves to be a professional photographer.
    The Shore Cottage Studio team will also pick a Highly Commended Photograph in each of the four categories for each photographic theme. Highly Commended photographers will receive a certificate of commendation.

Photographs will be exhibited on Sunday the 22nd February.

We can’t wait!

P.S. If you buy your entry wristband before the end of January you can take advantage of an early bird price…

Under 16 individual entry £15 (early bird price £12)
Family / group entry £20 (early bird price £15)
Over 16 individual entry £20 (early bird price £15)
Over 16 pro entry £20 (early bird price £15)