Three Things; Treasury – A Mystery

mysterious string

Laura was hosting a photography course today and on the photo-walk around the Wirral Country Park she came across nine pieces of white string. Laura was intrigued by the loops that had been knotted into circles with a diameter between varying between 1-2″ and then loosely placed on small branches of trees and on hedges. The loops were clustered in a particular stretch of the Wirral Way by the Railway bridge at Thurstaston.

The string seemed to have been knotted first and then looped over the trees later on. The ends of the string had been cut fairly close to the knot and many were frayed. The loops didn’t look like they had been used to hang anything which had since been detached and some were hung on very small twigs

Do you have any idea what they represent or what they are for?

Its a mystery!

Do share your ideas and theories.