Three Things; Treasury – A Visit to Tate Liverpool

A visit to Tate Liverpool

This week the Shore Cottage Studio team have been out and about; we visited Tate Liverpool and the Constellations exhibition. The exhibition was curated in such a way so as to group works into constellations which shared key themes each stemming from a trigger piece rather than curating by artistic movement, media or time period. We went round Constellations three times in all, firstly to look, secondly to sketch and finally to photograph where allowed (no flash obviously). Here are each of our favourite pieces. (Aside from the stunning Man Ray L’enigme d’Isidore Ducasse which we all loved)

Marisa Merz Untitled

Sue liked untitled pieces by Marisa Merz, nylon knitted seam free on steel needles. She particularly liked the use of strong materials producing something that looked so fragile.

Barry Flanagan Pile 3

Kris liked Pile 3 ’68 by Barry Falanagan, folded hessian stitched into permanent folds. The intrinsic nature of soft materials combined with the rigidity of form and presentation was an appealing combination.

John Smith still from The Girl Chewing Gum

Laura fell in love with John Smith’s 12 minute film The Girl Chewing Gum. Having never encountered the film, which has been called one of the most important Avant Garde films of the 20th Century, Laura watched with no knowledge or expectation of the nature of the film. As such we don’t want to spoil the viewing pleasure, and it was an utter joy, for anyone else who would like to watch it. If you are not bothered by spoilers a quick internet search will set you right.

Have you visited Constellations, what was your favourite piece?