Three Things; Treasury – Antique Needlework Tool Finds

Antique needlework tools - Finds

Today we are putting Antique Needlework Tools into our treasury. Look what Sue has found.

Clamp with netting hook

This is an early 19th Century needlework clamp with a netting hook, pincushion, thimble holder and winding cage. It was considered acceptable for Georgian men to net in the Drawing room in the evening. The men would produce practical netting such as to cover fruit trees, women may make delicate net overlays for evening gowns using the same methods.

Tatting shuttle

This is a tatting shuttle and pair of fold up scissors. The scissors have mother of pearl handle inlays and the shuttle looks to be made from bone or ivory. Tatting is the art of making a durable form of lace using loops of thread either using a shuttle or a needle. This pair are also early 19th century.

Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries Book by Nerylla Taunton

Sue was given the items many years ago but has only recently been able to identify them thanks to this book ‘Antique Needlework Tools and Embroideries’ by Nerylla Taunton which she found in the Lady Lever Art Gallery shop. Sue was delighted to note that the illustration of the clamp in the book does not have the original pincushion whereas Sue’s one does.

Have you had a recent eureka moment when you finally got just the information you were after?