Three Things; Treasury – British Pie Week


We love pies at Shore Cottage Studio – they are a real centrepiece dish with amazing versatility, so imagine how delighted we were to discover that this week is British Pie Week (3rd March – 9th March 2014). It’s a great excuse to make a delicious pie from some very simple and humble ingredients – why not get the pastry cutters out and have fun with the top?

So,  this week, we’ve made one of our favourite pies: Paul Hollywood’s Corned Beef Plate Pie. The ingredients are surprisingly simple but make for a rich, textured filling, we cannot recommend it enough. You can find the recipe on the BBC Good Food website.

Remember, fry the vegetables gently, only use your fingers when making the pastry, but most of all, make sure you get a big slice when it’s baked.


Fresh veg and corned beef - delicious

Use fresh vegetables and a tin of corned beef, but be sure to leave everything chopped fairly chunky as the filling will be simmering for quite a while.


Pie filling all made, ready for the lid!


Spoon the filling onto the pie base, keeping some stock back to make gravy with later on – the celery and corned beef flavours taste great with a little red wine and some beef stock – it makes the tastiest gravy we’ve ever had!


The finished pie, positively bursting with delicious filling


A fully stocked pie, with delicious filling and a crisp pastry top. To be honest, we don’t need an excuse to make this pie, but if you’ve never had it, why not give it a go this week, and let us know how you get on?