Three Things; Treasury – Half Sick of Shadows

Half Sick of Shadows

Here at Shore Cottage Studio we, like the Lady of Shallot, are ‘Half Sick of Shadows’. We are ready for spring and want your help to brighten up this blog post. Here we have three blue-grey images taken this February in the Studio garden. Can you send us pictures from your garden or walks with bold splashes of spring colour to add to this post? Perhaps green shoots or buds and early daffodils or crocuses? Anything bright and colourful to lift the spirits. You can email us your pics, or send them via any of our social networking sites, have you found us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Vine?

We’ll go in search of colour this weekend too – Let’s make a colourful gallery of spring together!

Bare tree in February

Light through clouds

faded fabric hung from a fish mobile