Three Things; Treasury – Handmade Birthday

Handmade birthday - illustrated tshirt

Today is Kris’ birthday! We love hand made gifts here at Shore Cottage Studio and thought we’d share one of Kris’ presents with you today.

Pheasant design T-Shirt

Kris and Laura’s seven year old son loves to draw, especially birds and dinosaurs. He decided to customise a T-shirt for his Dad using some fabric dye sticks. A pheasant was the decided design and he set to work drawing it out on the front of the T-Shirt.

Close up of pheasant's head on T-Shirt

Isn’t it charming and regal? The only help he needed was for a grown up to iron the picture to set the dye.

Back view of pheasant T-Shirt

The tail feathers on a pheasant are vey long so here they extend to the back of the shirt. He wrote on the plain brown paper packaging: “Dear Daddy, this is an extremely rare present. There is only one of these in the whole world and you are going to keepy keep it. Have a great birthday!”

Kris was very pleased with his hand decorated custom T-Shirt, do you like home made gifts? Do you have any you’d like to share? Send us a picture and we’ll add it to this post!

If you’d like to see some of his bird illustrations in the flesh you can visit the Art Dredge exhibition in Manchester (22nd May – 6th June) where he will be the youngest exhibiting artist.