Three Things; Treasury – Hunting Inspiration

Hunting Inspiration

The Treasury we’d like you to contribute to today is ‘Hunting Inspiration’. We like to think that if, as artists, we sat around waiting for inspiration to strike we’d never get anything done. We like to think instead of inspiration as being a rather tricky beast that needs to be hunted with a clear strategy. So here are three of our ‘Hunting Inspiration’ strategies.

Sue hunts in her Thesaurus

Sue loves her ‘Collins Dictionary and Thesaurus in One Volume’. It is relatively old and the spine is held together with white packing tape which has the word Fragile aptly printed along it in red lettering. She finds it helps her to organise her ideas and generate new ones by considering similar words. Here she began by looking at the tide crashing on the beach in the recent storms and is looking up the word frothy. The newly generated words may lead her on to looking them up and finding an entirely new word list. Sue keeps a ‘lists’ notebook which is a great source of inspiration to her.

Kris' inspiration doesn't start with a blank page

When Kris is stuck for inspiration he hates to look at a blank page. He will doodle in a blank sketchbook with shapes and quite often cartoon characters with bizarre speech bubbles. He has also found these purpose made doodle books inspiring. The ones pictured here are (top to bottom) ‘Draw Your Own Fonts’ by Tony Seddon, ‘Let’s Make Some Great Art’ by Marion Deuchars and ‘The Doodle Book 2’ by Taro Gomi. Each book has partially completed doodles or instructions of specific drawing related tasks for example ‘draw something red’, ‘Bring your alphabet metropolis to life…’, ‘This time use a white pencil’.

Laura Changes her viewpoint when hunting inspiration

Laura likes to change her viewpoint when she needs some inspiration. It could be a minor geographical shift like lying down on the floor or standing on a table to get a more inspiring angle on a photograph. It could be a more major geographical shift, the photograph above was taken at the National Media Museum in Bradford. Laura was lucky enough to have a behind the scenes tour of the museum to see some of the wonderful inspirational artefacts and images that are not on general display this week. It could also be a mind shift perhaps researching polar opposites to the original concept for example.

Do you have a tried and tested method for Hunting Inspiration? Please do share so we can add it to this Treasury blog. You can post on our Facebook wall, send us a tweet, email or simply comment below. We’d love this page to grow with lots of ideas