Three Things; Treasury – Liverpool Art Fair 2015

Liverpool art fair

This bank holiday weekend why not visit the Liverpool Art Fair?

private view of Liverpool Art Fair 2015

A very busy private view

Kris and Laura attended the private view last night and the place was packed! We spent two hours in the show exploring the pieces and photographing our favourites as best we could. It was so busy that we had to try and snatch shots of the works as folk were passing by and looking themselves so perhaps a re-visit over the weekend is in order to stand back and enjoy the works from a distance?

The Tempest - Sarah Ryan

The Tempest – Sarah Ryan

The Tempest was one of a range of paper cut works by Sarah Ryan that were in the show, the others included woodland scenes and some very handsome badgers. However, it was this piece that we liked the best of hers, we simply couldn’t resist the fish laden waves. All hand cut in multiple layers, beautiful.

Skulls like sugar, sugar like skulls - Kirsten Little (Diptych)

Skulls like sugar, sugar like skulls – Kirsten Little (Diptych)

This pair of mixed media montages include vintage magazine covers, printed text, hand cut elements with drawn organic shapes.

Skulls like sugar, sugar like skulls - Kirsten Little (Diptych)

Skulls like sugar, sugar like skulls – Kirsten Little (Diptych)

The diptych was the first piece to sell on the night so if you are keen to see it you best get down there this weekend because it will be in a private collection after the exhibition.

Three Ladies by Cian Radcliffe

Three Ladies – Cian Radcliffe

This was Laura’s favourite piece of the whole exhibition. Cian was also showing some more traditional sculptural forms but these ladies in form fitting evening wear sculpted from sweet wrappers really have to be seen. The method of display on the wooden plinth with individual bell jars, each about the size of a vintage radio valve, really make the piece a showstopper.

Tree 79 - Nathan Pendlebury

Tree 79 – Nathan Pendlebury

This was one of a series of trees photographed by Nathan Pendlebury, three are shown at the exhibition. Kris and Laura discussed the techniques involved and we speculated that the artist has peeled the backing layer off the polaroid and perhaps we are looking through the back of the image? We are not sure. (If you are reading Nathan, please do let us know if we are right.) Nathan was reading and he’s clarified his amazing technique – see the comments section below.

Sketch No. 11 - Simon Job

Sketch No. 11 – Simon Job

This was Kris’ favourite piece in the show a large oil and acrylic painting n board. Kris loved the bold graphic style. It was, however, incredibly difficult to photograph as there were so many admirers, some of whom can be seen in this pic!

Self - Catherine Harrison

Self – Catherine Harrison

This is the piece we thought Sue would like to see most as it uses her beloved rust! Iron oxide looks to have been deposited from a large saw blade which has been wetted and peeled away whilst still wet? (We may be wrong and are happy to be told otherwise.)

Aoii - Rhyannon Parry

Aoii – Rhyannon Parry

Rhyannon Parry had several works in the show and two of them have made it onto our favourites list. This piece caught Laura’s eye being a cyanotype (sun print).

Toresu - Rhyannon Parry

Toresu – Rhyannon Parry

The second of Rhyannon’s pieces that we liked unsurprisingly caught Kris’ eye as it was laser etched. A lace pattern etched into thick card.

Tenkuu 1, 2, and 3 - Kris Heath

Tenkuu 1, 2, and 3 – Kris Heath

And finally we couldn’t resist adding a quick pic of Kris Tenkuu pieces*. The central piece, Tenkuu 2, was sold on the night but at the time of writing both Tenkuu 1 and Tenkuu 3 are still available for sale. In the event that they do not sell at the fair we will be posting them for sale in our online shop after the bank holiday weekend.

Have you visited the show? What were your favourite works? Send us your pics or comments and we’ll add them here.

Have a great bank holiday everyone!

* The eagle-eyed amongst you may have spotted that Kris’ Tenkuu 1 has unfortunately been hung upside down (compare to the image on the flyer). We hope it still looks good to gallery visitors.

Big thanks to Liverpool Art Fair for rehanging Kris’ piece. He was too terribly British to mention it himself on the night.

Flyer for Liverpool Art Fair 2015