Three Things; Treasury – Open 1

Open 1 at the Open Eye Gallery Liverpool

This week Laura spent a day in Liverpool, partly business and partly pleasure. She attended a Liverpool City Region Visitor Economy Members’ Meeting to keep up to date with the latest goings on in the wider region’s tourism businesses. For balance she spent the rest of the day touring the Waterfront Galleries.

Tate Liverpool

Tate Liverpool

The weather was amazing, bright blue skies and blazing sunshine, great for a bit of lens flare! Unfortunately Tate Liverpool was in the process of changing two floors of its collection so Laura will have to return again to see the new works. The Tate café did provide a suitable spot for some brunch and Laura spent time jotting down some ideas for future projects. We love Tate Liverpool and have previously blogged about the constellations exhibit.

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool

Open Eye Gallery Liverpool

The Open Eye Gallery was the next stop, a gallery dedicated to photography. The current show is the ‘Open 1’ which is the first (hence the 1) of an annual series from an open call. There are six photographers making up the exhibition and Laura picked her favourite three to share with you today. The exhibition runs until the 23rd August so there is still plenty of time to catch it.

Helen Marshall Project Tobong

Helen Marshall’ Project Tobong’

Helen Marshall’s collaboration with Risang Yuwono is a photo series placing traditional Tobong theatre performers in modern urban settings. There is a great deal of humour in the images, Laura particularly liked the expressions of the ensemble encountering an air conditioner (just seen to the far left of this image). The bright and vibrant colours of the traditional costumes at times radiate beautifully against the grey urban backdrops and are almost lost, camouflaged amongst street art at others. Marshall is hosting a ‘Performing for the Camera’ workshop at the Open Eye Gallery on Monday 20th July at 1pm. Places are free but must be booked see the Open Eye Gallery Website for details.

Richard Ross Juvenile in Justice

Richard Ross ‘Juvenile in Justice’

California based Richard Ross’ images of youth offenders are striking, never showing the face of these teenagers and succinctly telling their stories in captions, enough is shown and enough is hidden. The bench seat in the gallery provides a perfect spot to contemplate and drink in the images. These are not photographs to be rushed past.

Deborah Kelly The Miracles

Deborah Kelly ‘The Miracles’

Laura’s highlight of the exhibition was Deborah Kelly’s The Miracles. Using ‘old master’ paintings for the basis of her transcriptions and presenting the works as classical tondos. The original images, which are all depictions of the ‘Holy Family’, have questions as to their authenticity – questioned paternity if you will. The transcriptions are all family portraits shot on location in back gardens or living rooms of the subject’s homes. The poses and props reference the original old masters but the images are entirely modern and fresh. The subjects are all families who have used ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies – IVF, surrogates, sperm donors and so on) and as such show the full gamut of modern families. Kelly produced and framed the images, having spent several years collecting the antique frames, the images themselves were made with the help of photographer and lighting designer Alex Wisser.

Please do go and see these works in person they are all inspirational.