Three Things; Treasury – Three Ingredients for a happy weekend

Happy Weekends

Following our busiest month yet, we at Shore Cottage Studio are having a weekend off! Spending time with the family before another busy week next week. It got us thinking about what are the essential ingredients for a happy weekend for us right now. We found three…


The kids recently found an old mountainboard and love sitting on it all together and rolling down the gentle slope in front of the studio. A sort of primary school version of Last of the Summer Wine’s men in a bathtub! They can literally do this for hours.

This is how we will be spending the best part of the weekend, until one of them is brave enough to stand up unaided, at which point we’ll be off to casualty, probably.

Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding

To recover from all the exertion of watching the kids rolling down a slope we will be replenishing our energy stocks with Cartmel Village Shop Sticky Toffee Pudding which is utterly delicious. We bought ours from Delifonseca Dockside and had to be restrained from buying the whole shop. (We did also buy some churros mix which we’ll test once we’re not so full).

We have to admit that we tell our kids that the sticky toffee pudding contains chewy bits of cooked toffee as they are adamant that they don’t like dates (shhhhhhh, they’ll never know)

Plastic animal toys

And finally we have promised the kids that we will use some of the Mod roc that Kris uses for his stormy sea paintings to make our own background scenes. We have promised a DIY safari and Dinoworld.

Wish us luck!

What are the three things that will make your weekend a happy one?