Three Things; Treasury – We are watching

Three things We are watching on TV

We have been so busy lately that we have got behind with some of our favourite television shows. So this weekend we will be making time to enjoy some banana muffins and watch the telly.

George Clarke's Amazing Spaces laser cut

We love George Clarke here at Shore Cottage Studio, how could we not when he said such lovely things about us. Amazing spaces is now into series three and we are loving it. One of our highlights so far was the traditional horse drawn caravan, made with a lot of love. The image here is laser cut wood and felt by Kris, the portrait of George can be inked and printed with using Kris’ Adana press.

This Old Thing vintage fabrics and buttons

Sue and Laura have been enjoying Dawn O’Porter’s This Old Thing. We particularly like the segments where new garments are fashioned from old. Laura has been inspired by the show and by Sue’s children’s dresses to have a go at dress making again. Laura got a D grade at GCSE textiles but is aiming to make a 50s style dress for herself with a full circle skirt from a vintage double bed sheet. Wish her luck!

Sarah and Duck as drawn by Knox Heath

Every generation here at Shore Cottage Studio loves Sarah and Duck. Kris and Laura’s eight year old provided the illustration of the eponymous heros here. After a busy day in the studio or at meetings the team like to switch off with an episode or two before bed. Sue’s birthday is coming up over the summer and she is hoping for her very own ‘Donkey Dear’.

What shows are you planning to unwind with this weekend?