Three Things; Work in Progress – Generations ii

This weeks work in progress is a revisiting of Laura’s Generations images. At the end of last year we brought you Laura’s haunting combination prints. And she has been back in the darkroom again recently.

K/A combination print by Laura Heath

K/A by Laura Heath

This is an image of Kris and Laura’s eldest and youngest children. The negatives have been cut with dissecting scissors and spliced together with Sellotape.

Laura Heath darkroom photography

Laura Heath Generation Montage

These three negatives have been scratched with a mounted needle on the front and back as well as being drawn on with a black marker pen to produce the white areas.

Laura Heath photo montage

Laura Heath Generation Montage ii

This last montage has been produced by cutting the negatives assembling with Sellotape and then scratching the front and back with a mounted needle.