Three Things; Work in Progress – Generations

Today’s works in progress are the first pair of Laura’s ‘Generation’ series of combination print photographic portraits.

Laura Heath Generations

Laura has been in the darkroom developing layers of negatives with images of her family members in a study on familial heritage. Inspired by the ‘family tree’ portraits by Bobby Neel Adams and the composite portraits by Arnold Newman of Dr Seuss and others. You can click on any of the images for a larger view.

Combination print by Laura Heath

Laura Heath: Second Generation

This print ‘Second Generation’ is a combination of an image of Sue (the Shore Cottage resident textile artist and Laura’s Mum) and Kris and Laura’s eldest child. This was the first in this ongoing series and Laura was so pleased with the dark, unsettling quality it has.

Combination print portrait by Laura Heath

Laura Heath: First Generation

The second in the series is ‘First Generation’ a combination print of Kris (Shore Cottage resident laser artist and Laura’s husband) and Kris and Laura’s middle child. Laura has used a 120 format enlarger for the 35mm film to allow the edges of the film to be seen showing the overlap and the tape holding the negatives together.

Laura aims to make four more combination prints in the series over the next couple of months. They are definitely not everyone’s cup of tea but if you would like Laura to combine you with a willing member of your family do get in touch!