Three Things: Work in Progress – Two Questions Update

Laura has received her artist’s book from the publishers and this has moved on the ‘Two Questions’ project a whole jump.

Laura Heath 'Two Questions' in progress

The close cropped portraits of a wide cross section of sitters have been rendered on thick glossy photographic paper in deep black and white.

Portrait of Kris Heath by Laura Heath

The final stage of the process is to laser etch the words of the sitters onto the images. The laser will burn away the glossy surface of the images revealing the matte paper underneath.

Each sitter answered the two questions by writing in Laura’s sketchbook and their words will be etched in their own handwriting. The handwriting has been scanned, digitised and optimised for laser by Laura in a painstaking process. The laser etching itself will all be done in a matter of minutes with each portrait only taking seconds to etch.

watch this space for the finished artist’s book Laura hopes it will look really special.