Three Things; Works in Progress – Arm Knitted Dress

Laura's arm knitted dress

Wednesdays are Works in Progress on the Three Things blog and today we bring you Laura’s first ever knitted garment! Laura and Kris will be attending the Pom Pom Quarterly magazine Christmas bash in London on Friday night. Laura is looking forward to it but got carried away on twitter last week.

Here is what PPQ tweeted –

@pompommag: A little over a week until the #PPQparty! There’ll be a best PPQ outfit prize so be sure to don your PPQ projects! What’ll you be wearing?!

Laura rashly replied –

@ShoreCottageArt: @pompommag I have a vision of my outfit, an arm knitted cowl necked dress, *but* I have yet to learn how to arm knit, bear with…

So Laura went in search of instructional videos on Arm Knitting. Arm knitting is knitting but using your arms as the needles so the loops of yarn actually sit around your wrists and forearms. There are tons of videos online about how to use super chunky yarn and make an infinity scarf in 30 minutes. Laura had an idea that rather than using chunky yarn she would make a lace-like fine-drape dress to wear over an existing brown slip.

Four strands of yarn balled together

Laura raided Sue’s yarn store and came up with four very fine yarns which she then wound together on a ball. The strands were not twisted or joined in any way as Laura wanted to retain the loopy tangled loose aesthetic.

Lace like effect of arm knitting with fine yarns

Once casting on was mastered the knitting grew super fast. Laura knitted three panels of 25 stitches; one for the front, one for the back and another for… Well she is still not completely sure what the third panel will be.

Laura's arm knitted dress

Here is the dress loosely pinned to a dressmaking form. The top front and back have been gathered onto a cord which is tied to the side of the neck in a bow. The front has been gathered a couple of rows down allowing the top two rows to fall as a ruffle. In this shot the third panel has been tied around the waist as a sash although the original intention was to drape it as a wrap around the shoulders. The final decision about the third panel will be made tonight when the dress will be removed from the form and Laura will do a first fitting to see where the front and back will be joined.

What do you think of this first attempt? Will you have a go at arm knitting? We’d love to see any attempts if you do!