Three Things; Works in Progress – Brand New Website

Brand New Website

We spent last week giving our website a makeover, what do you think?

We’d love you to take a look around the new site and give us your feedback. Drop us an email on our brand new contact form or tweet us a quick review all from the new dark grey band at bottom of the page.

We are still working on populating our shop with each and every one of our products and services so there is a somewhat limited selection up today – growing fast hopefully! The new shop offers more ways to pay including paying and collecting in person if you fancy dropping by for a chat as you buy, direct bank transfer for online banking types and, posting a cheque for traditionalists. You can continue to pay using your credit or debit card via the PayPal function.

We have been working with our website developer, the very talented Mr Jo Barnes, to ensure the new site not only looks great but is easier to find your way around.

So please do get in touch we’d love to hear your views.