Three Things; Works in Progress – Coast Magazine Craft Features

Coming soon Coast Magazine Craft Feature

Exciting news! We have been asked by Coast Magazine to do three coastal craft features for their next three editions.

We’ve been featured in Coast before now, Alex Reece tried out our Photographing Natural Texture and Detail course and wrote a four page review which you can read by clicking here. Earlier this year we welcomed her back to write a 10 page Coast Homes feature, which is out now in shops! Great if you want to find out more about our house and family as well as the studio.

These new, two page, Coastal Craft features are a real team effort, all three of us are involved in the ideas, staging, photography and making of the craft items. Indeed the credit in the magazine goes to Shore Cottage Studio rather than one or other of us.

We wanted all the projects to be totally do-able by anyone without any specialised pieces of kit or specific expertise. All the makes are completed with only four simple steps and there are photographs to help you along. So with that in mind you can buy the mag and bring the coast indoors this Christmas by making some of our top secret designs. We can’t show you any of the finished projects before they are published but hope the pics above may give you a hint as to the coastal, sweet smelling projects ahead.

We have just filled our copy and images (see we have the lingo down already) for the second of the series of three and just have the last to complete for our deadline next month.

Our first feature, in the December issue, is out in November. We’ll be excitedly tweeting and facebooking about it when the time comes!