Three Things; Works In Progress – Custom Studio Badge

Works In Progress - Custom Studio Badge

This week Kris has been exploring the detail possible when using the laser cutter and has produced this weeks’ Works In Progress, a custom laser cut badge. Kris wanted to start using different materials together in a piece and decided to make a badge for each of us. The design is based on the life ring on the outside wall of our studio, a piece of driftwood screwed across the middle holding the life ring in place.

Using a small needle to push out the cut acrylic

After cutting each piece from a different sheet of acrylic, Kris punches out the offcuts using a needle and removes the protective plastic cover sheet. The letters spelling out Shore Cottage are cut from a black sheet, slightly larger than the holes on the white piece to allow for the cut width of the laser beam. When everything is slotted together, this gives a snug fit.

Laser cutter etching plywood for custom badge

Here we see the laser etching the plywood piece that will form the word studio across the middle of the badge.

Checking sizes and layout for the badge

The parts are laid out and the protective plastic film is removed from each side before glueing.

Preparing letters for the badge

A project like this allows Kris to use scrap and offcut pieces of acrylic for smaller parts, like the letters.

The finished product - a custom acrylic and wood company badge

Made from 3 different colours of acrylic sheet, a small piece of plywood, and some rust dyed string, this badge is a brilliant example of what’s possible with some simple design and intricate laser cut pieces.

If you have a similar project you’d like to realise, why not get in touch and ask for a commission? Or come down to the studio on one of our laser cutting courses to make it yourself?