Three Things; Works in Progress – Fused Glass Feathers

Fused Glass Feathers Works in Progress

Today’s Works in Progress are from Laura. Fused glass feathers on chunky tactile glass. Inspired by but in contrast to the feathers Laura made for her mixed media pieces a few weeks ago, this time the feathers are robust and made to be picked up and stroked.

Feathers from glass frit before fusing

Laura begins by cutting strips of glass to the right shape and adding powdered coloured glass called frit. The frit is manipulated using dissecting tools. Laura is used to using dissecting tools from her former days as a scientist – similar results could be achieved using a cocktail stick. In this picture the frit is yet to be fired in the microwave kiln.

Fused glass feathers in the kiln

Here are two feathers that have just been fired so by side in a microwave kiln. This is the type of kiln that Laura uses with our guests who come to our glass fusing courses.

Fused glass feathers

Here are four feathers clamped in our vintage clamp in front of the large window of our studio to show how they look with some light shining through them.

What do you think? Do you prefer these chunky feathers to the delicate microns thick versions? Would you wear these as a pendant or have them in a frame on your wall? Please leave a comment below.

If you are inspired to join Laura on a Miniature Fused Glass Seascape workshop you can check availability and book here on our fused glass page.

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