Three Things; Works in Progress – Fused Glass Fragile Flora

Fused glass fragile flora

Wednesday is Works in Progress on the Three Things blog. Today we are looking at some of Laura’s latest fused glass works.

Green fern frond fused glass by Laura Heath

Last time we saw fused glass from Laura it was these treasure like miniature seascapes made to look like sea glass nuggets. Today Laura is experimenting with an altogether more fragile technique of glass fusing. This is a shape inspired by the verdant fern fronds on Thurstaston Common which Laura passes every day in the spring and summer.

Laura Heath brown fern frond fused glass piece

Here is a fern frond in winter as we see them now on the common, a rusty brown but still curled beautifully.

Laura Heath fused glass sweet pea

Here is a sweet pea just blooming, one of the few things still in bloom in the Shore Cottage garden.

Laura makes these very delicate pieces by fusing coloured glass frit (finely ground glass dust) sandwiched between coverslips (for microscope slides). Laura uses her forensic trace evidence collection tool kit (from when she was a forensic scientist) to manipulate the frit into the shapes she likes using mounted needles and so on.

Here is a picture of the sweet pea before it was kiln fired

Glass frit flower before kiln fusing